Book Packaging

Finding the right help is never easy, you need to feel that not only can you effectively pour your idea like honey wine into the Packager's ears but also that they will execute it with the same love devotion and panache you would If you had the time. We know as we’ve been in that position. Promises are high, delivery is expectant but rarely do the levels get hit and there’s always a level of disappointment. You even keep back some of the comissioning so that it does come in the way you need it…less variables that way. The need for a good Book Packager is key as its a team of trustworthy individuals, a safe pair of hands that you can rely upon time after time to help you get through the work loading be it with existing series or new series execution. You need all bases covered like creative eye-catching design, spot on editorial and seamless vectorising and high res output and feel that the team has the extra resources on call if need be. WildPixel is here!! Contact us for an introductory meeting.